What We Plan

At Cancer ABCs we are actively designing new programs.  One in development could serve as a personal guide for you, whether you have one cancer diagnosis, more than one, or a rare cancer diagnosis, to understand:


1-  How to deal with the physical and emotional stressors that you may encounter because you have cancer.

2- How to utilize your friends, family and community supports to help you deal with your new reality – your diagnoses, treatments and concerns.

3- How to create the best treatment team and decide on the best treatment facilities.

4- How to research and understand your cancer and then, using your knowledge, work with your treatment team to make the best personal treatment decisions.

5- How to understand and best utilize the various experiences you may encounter along your journey.

6- How to maximize your positive outcomes.

7- Most importantly, how to go from being a cancer patient to a cancer survivor to a CANCER THRIVER.